31 Days of Listening


This is my oldest little girl and this picture is my sweet reminder to listen this month. This October my soul needs to better learn to listen, to keep my hands open to the blessings. For the next 31 days, I’m joining the annual #write31days challenge, and since listening is what I need to focus on this month, I will simply be recording here the words God uses to bless me each day and some brief thoughts on how they blessed me.

Day 1: What does it mean to be blessed? …blessed by a simple question

Day 2: The Conflict of Boldness …blessed by Liz Curtis Higgs’ video

Day 3: Freely Living the Story …blessed by Revelation 1

Day 4: “Seek God, not just answers.” …blessed by words from the pulpit

Day 5: The Hurdles to Free Living and the Strength that Makes them Small …blessed by the life of Jesus

Day 6: Almighty Jesus …blessed by words at Bible study

Day 8: The Balancing Act …blessed by Proverbs 31 and my bad attitude

Day 9: Words for Insecurities …blessed by a book and Romans 8

Day 12: Truth to hold in times we want to hide …blessed by Aliza Latta’s blog post

Day 13: How God is bold and free to shepherd His children …blessed at Bible study, Revelation 2

Day 14: How Babies Might Hold the Biggest Secret to Life …blessed by 1 Peter 2 and my own little baby

Day 16: Am I Listening …blessed by Hebrews 4:12 and Emily Freeman’s book

Day 17: That Scary Next Step …blessed by Emily P. Freeman’s A Million Little Ways

Day 19: When I feel like I do it all wrong …blessed by an old memory verse

Day 20: Constant Repentance …blessed at Bible study

Day 27: What do we pray for? …blessed by a question

Day 28: Hormones or Lies? …blessed by Priscilla Shirer’s book Fervent

And to finish it off:

What I Learned in October …joining in on Emily P. Freeman’s monthly linkup