Conversation with a Prayer Warrior

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This is a book review on Priscilla Shirer’s book Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan to Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer

Prayer. It’s not tangible by any means. It happens in your head. It’s a part of your thoughts. You can’t see it. You can’t measure it. You can’t grade yourself on it… Sometimes, in a mix of pride and guilt and hoping I can produce my own good, I’ve wanted too, but I miss the point… The point of being given the name of Jesus to pray in, the point of this constant grace that gives me the right to come bold to the Father with every privilege, every birthright, every tender part of being His very own child. This, this direct access to the Father, through Jesus, in the Spirit, is the weapon, the grace-given, grace-driven weapon, that can tackle the threat of anything the enemy throws my way.

I want to use it, but yet, I trivialize it. I set my prayer time, but when I fail at that I toss the prayer “time” and try to make it an on-going conversation throughout my day, but then I get busy and… oops.

I want to sit down with a real prayer warrior for a few hours and get all the inside scoop. I want to hear the ins and outs of how they’ve made this a habit, of what they’re prayer life looks like on a daily basis, to see the way that they pray. How do you find the words? What do you do when you’re so overwhelmed you can’t think of what to pray? How do you hold to your commitment to prayer when the day throws you all the curve balls? When babies kept you up all night and you can hardly think? When they woke up earlier than they were supposed to? When you slept through your alarm? When kids keep you on your toes all day? How do you make it work?

Priscilla Shirer’s book Fervent is like that conversation in book form. She sits down with you as a kind friend who knows victory, who enjoys the power of God’s presence and is willing to be used to help you enjoy it. She gives you the inside scoop. What she offers is not the only way to develop a strong prayer life, but it’s a powerful way. She’s honest and shows you her imperfections, but goes on in victory assuring you of victory. She hands you the tools you need to build a firm prayer strategy, the wisdom of experience to know how, and the most loving and graceful kick in the pants you’ll ever get to pursue habitual prayer as the lifeline it is.

Fervent has honestly become one of my very favorite books that I plan to turn to time and again. I feel like I’ve had a good long talk with a dear lady who cares for my soul. And in longing for me to access the mighty power God provides His children, she’s pleaded with me to identify the places where Satan has his targets drawn on my life and strengthen my prayer there… to know the importance of praying Scripture, in putting that into practice. Priscilla has guided me into the process of creating my own personal prayer strategy for each area the enemy tries hardest to get me. She’s helped me find the Scriptures and form the words I’ll need in the midst of temptation for the times I can’t think of what to pray, and she’s given me the prayer cue cards to mark up and post where I need them so I can’t forget to pray. I’ve been handed the excitement of meeting Priscilla’s own sweet, battle cry of prayer. I have no reason not to pray from the same victory that she does. Neither do you!

I’d love for you to read her book and have one copy to offer to the first person who claims it. The first person to claim it in a comment will have a brand new copy from Lifeway. :) For everyone else, you can buy the book here.    

And whether you’ve read the book or not, may we pray boldly in all the victory that became ours the moment we received Christ’s gift. If you’re in Christ, you’ve been given all you need to be as fervent in prayer as anybody and that is a glorious truth!

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