Fear’s Rising Tide


Saturday night in Garland, TX, we huddled in closets and sent up prayers to the background music of thunder and pounding rain. Some felt laughter, some felt horror. Because when the reality strikes close and the wind tears into your city, with no mercy for the value of life, you feel the questions. It’s where horror lives. How do you claim peace when wind monsters can jump from the sky and claim life? You can feel the tide of hearts rising, the door opening for the entrance of fear, the suppression of love. Because whether you’ve been directly affected or not, when that kind of disaster comes to your city, its not natural to feel peace. The questions rise, and the rolling tide they send in seems impossible to stand against. But I am one who belongs and a voice inside whispers truth. I am not my own.

This feels so small, this tide that’s rising. I have not seen death’s face close by. But even in this, there’s a Spirit inside whispering truth. Victory’s been won over fear already. The tide rolling in has no power. The peace state of my soul has been branded safe for eternity’s time. Peace is not a question, not a distant hope. Peace is mine to claim, because death and destruction is a lie to one who belongs to Christ. He will not give more than is bearable to one who has the Spirit living inside. The threat of death is not true for me because I am His child and if I just hold on a little longer I’ll see the truth of peace unfold. It unfolds today in the nooks of my heart. Soon, very soon, it will unfold for all time.

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