Story Share: For our Busy and Tired, and our Life in the Mirror


Today I’m excited to invite you to read a post by Wendy Munsell! I admire Wendy’s openness in sharing her story. This is for our busy and tired, our longing to explore the life we get glances of in the mirror… for the unexplored questions in the back of our minds, and the wanting to take the journey inside. Here are words from Wendy Munsell.

…I had been living my whole life by mindlessly jumping from task to task. I was so absorbed in the job at hand, and there was always another one or two or dozen clamoring for my attention, that I hadn’t left any room for just being.

As I drove home that night I realized that the seemingly straightforward question had started an avalanche of even more questions with the worst one being, “Who am I?”

If I took away everything I did and all of the roles that I used to define myself: wife,  homeschool mom, and even Christian, what was left?

I had an uneasy feeling that the answer was, not much. Never being prone to much self-examination, I allowed the probing thoughts about my identity to drift away as soon as possible.

I now know with the benefit of hindsight that I was grappling with much weightier issues than that of my personhood; I was struggling with who I was in Christ.

Read Wendy’s entire post here: How I Journeyed from Believing to Knowing.

For all of us taking up the challenge to bring all of these feelings to Jesus today…

Jesus, may we make room to reach inside the feelings and questions we meet today to find the gift You are giving us inside them. May we receive the gift to press deeper into who we are in You. Give us grace to find the life You’re giving us there, and grace to want that life so much that we can’t resist making space to come to you with the stuff inside us. May we reach deep into the life in the mirror. May we cease to be impressed with busy doing and enter today impressed with who You are. Amaze us with the simple truths about You. You are the God who equips us for today. In the name of Jesus, give grace to us to live there. Amen.

“I am the Lord, and there is no other, besides me there is no God; I equip you, though you do not know me, that people may know, from the rising of the sun and from the west, that there is none besides me; I am the Lord and there is no other.” – Isaiah 45:5-6

Blessings! And warm welcome to the story pile where you’ll find other stories like Wendy’s. I hope the pile can be a blessing to you!

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