House of Blessings


It isn’t hard to sit surrounded by all the blessings of your year and still pity your self for something or other. If blessings aren’t remembered, they’ll be forgotten as blessings. I need the Thanksgiving holiday to remind me to remember. Because I have an enemy who wants to blind me to how very greatly God has blessed me – who wants to turn the best blessings God gives into cause for me to sorrow.

These are the sweet blessings I sit surrounded by as I write this morning. These are the blessings of our year.

We moved into this house in March.



We shouldn’t be able to live here. Not this size house. Not with the income we’ve been getting. But well, God opened so many doors and generous hearts and this is where we are. And of course, we have the greatest neighbors. I never would have thought in the years I spent working for Mrs. Cahill, cleaning her house, that I would live in the house next door one day. Well, here we are.

When we moved into this house it looked big and empty and some days that was all I saw. I gave into the enemy’s lies trying to hide the blessing of it.

And as selfish as that was, God blessed even in my desire to make this house look more homey with furniture to fill it. He used the people in our lives.


This corner of the house was mostly all empty the first several months we lived here – except for the piano. And a book shelf. That couch has become our favorite couch to snuggle on and watch TV with the girls. David and Marlene were getting rid of it and thought of us. That green chair is my favorite and was Ms. Avery’s. She was looking for someone who could use and Mrs. Cahill sent her our way. She gave us Liesel’s dresser too. The TV and stand was from Andy. The table with the basket on it was one the Bouldin’s offered us – part of a whole set we got. We pulled in the rocking chair Uncle Tan made Amayah and the desk the Keese’s gave us a few months before we moved in and the piano doesn’t look lonely at all anymore (which, by the way, was given to us by my parents a few months before we moved here too). Even the end table and the lamp were gifts.


When we found out we were moving here, this brown couch was the only seating furniture we had. It was given to us by the Tusings. The matching chairs and the green table in the corner (you can see it better in the other pic above) were at the family farm we like to go from time to time and barely used. The bookshelf was given to us from my parents a while back. The coffee table was part of the set from the Bouldins. It adds so much to the room. The blue recliner was from the Richey’s (Nano’s favorite chair), as was the artwork framed in blue in the dining room.


I love our dining room. The table was my parents first dining table. And the beautiful armoir was something Granny was getting rid of.

And below here is my little, lovely, hobby corner of the house where my piano and my writing desk. The BEST corner of the house. :)


The effort of turning this house into a home is a delight and good for my soul.


We are hugely blessed and sometimes I just need to write it all down where I can see how very blessed we are.

And the highlights of our year?

This year we received our precious, little Liesel, the new love of all our hearts. She came to our house bringing boatloads of smiles. She’s our soul blessing of the year. Of course. :)


This year Nano got his new job, an enormous blessing. Another one where the enemy tries to blindside me. And another one where I could go on and on about the blessing it is and the amazing way God provided it.

And I’ll list one other blessing here.


Nano and I had been sharing a car which was a little inconvenient some times, but it wasn’t bad with him working from home. But it would have been a lot inconvenient with him starting a normal go-off-to-work-everyday job this month. The Tusings gave us this Jeep just a couple weeks before he started. They didn’t know he was about to start going to work. God has the best timing.

It feels crazy to list these things out, but there it is. How could we possibly be more blessed?

When I try to give Him thanks I don’t know where to start and anything I try to say feels so inadequate to really thank Him. But that’s the beauty of thanksgiving. I give Him thanks with Jesus’ name. It’s the name, the life, the person that He’s given me to be found in and as such every thanks of mine comes with the beauty that only Jesus could give it.

I’m grateful today that I can come boldly to thank Him with my silly, falling-short-in-themselves words of thanks. He hears those words and sees in them all the beauty of Jesus. For that I am thankful.

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