Step into the Canvas

Taking much longer than five minutes just to think of how to start this post. Notice is the word of the day at Five Minute Friday. And I am somewhat at a loss to write anything about this as my own because I’ve been so inspired by fellow bloggers today to think on the things God has left in my life to notice. I will simply be sharing thoughts that originated with others today. So, the things God has given today to be noticed: 

To notice the way He’s placed glimpses of His beauty in every part of my day, like all the birds swirling outside my kitchen window today. 

To notice the people He uses to touch my soul, to etch His story of grace into my life and leave me never the same. 

To notice the opportunities He gives to paint the world with the Love that lives in me. He uses the little things.

To notice the ways He’s left for me to live His beauty in my every day, to leave pieces of His beauty in the world around me.

To notice the way He pours grace into my daily life, painting portraits of His Love with every day of my story.

To notice the one Gospel gift He wants most for me to notice, that its grandeur goes so much farther than the day of my salvation, that each moment is an opportunity to step into the canvas of His graceful masterpiece to experience the depths of that gracious Gospel story.    

And quoting one I’ve been so inspired by today, to notice "how He manages it all, with grace and steadiness.“ To notice who He really is, in spite of all I am. 

(I was quoting Katie Reid who’s sweet blog you can read here:

One more quote to close out. I Love Emily Freeman’s book concept and I’ve never even read it. Art references in this post are inspired by her, and this final thought is hers: To notice ”the art in a quiet word, a hot dinner, a made bed, a grace-filled glance, and a million other ways of experiencing God in the world through the simple human acts of listening, waiting, creating, and showing up.“

(Give her book a look. It’s on my wishlist! Read about it here:

So here’s to noticing, to noticing the grace-handiwork of the God who made me, to seeing Him in the handiwork He graces to be made through me. To stepping full into His canvas of grace. 

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