Loosen Up

Still needing to hear those words so much… “Be still and know that He is God.” I race my to-do list through my head, cling to it like it’s my lifeline, like somehow everything will fall apart if I forget something, if something doesn’t get done, if my girlie doesn’t take her nap. I sit to talk and try to listen, but I have to run it through my head again. I long for a break, yet when she sleeps and the quiet comes my head pounds with the list of the reading and writing and journaling that simply must be done before she wakes. And my quiet time becomes a rush, not a worship, and my writing becomes a consumer of my mind.

Being still is more than a still body.

And today, the book I’m reading tells me, “Loosen up, because the chains have been loosed, and laugh the laughter of the freed.” (Ann Voskamp, The Greatest Gift) It asks me what I can take more lightly.

And then I turn to where I left off in John and who do I find but Mary and Martha. And Martha is there serving and Mary is there bent over His feet. And the perfume she poured out could have been given to the poor, yes, but Jesus defends her with the words, “for the poor you always have with you…” (Jn. 12)

You always have them with you…

And that to-do list comes back to my mind and what do I always have with me? What have I been doing that I can do any old time? What have I been carrying heavy instead of being still, for bending over His feet, for loosening up and laughing with the free?

It’s so simple, so simple that it seems hard… Those were words I jotted down earlier this week, writing about the work of God in simply believing. And have I rushed so fast through this writing of words that I forget to take in what they say…

“Grace calls me to believe, calls me to the action of faith, calls me to the true work of God. John shows Jesus explaining that work. When the Savior was asked, “‘What must we do to be doing the works of God?’ Jesus answered them, ‘This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent.’” (Jn 6:28-29) When asked how to do the works of God, of all the things Jesus could have said, He told them to believe… believe in him whom he has sent. It sounds so simple, so simple that it almost seems hard. Yet, believing is how we do the works of God.”

This. This is how I Love Him. Not by busying, but by believing. Believing in being still to know. When I take what I know and be still with it, be still with God, God works it into my believing and I have faith. Stillness. Not just reading my Bible, but being still with those Words, loosening up with my day, being light with my duties, and sometimes letting them go. And through faith, He can be through me, free to see grace and live laughter, bringing me to bend over feet that have walked this way before me.

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My prayer is that you find God's grace pouring through your insecure moments. In this audio series, you'll receive a few quiet minutes of encouragement each month free in your email inbox. I hope it helps you find sweet gifts inside the feelings.

Stillness in Chaos

Joining with the group to give my Five-minute Friday write on the word still. 

“Be still, and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

Stillness. When life is busy. Stillness. When life is full of baby cuddles, kissing boo-boos, fixing lunches, chicken pot pie on the carpet, laundry piles, baby dolls, temper tantrums, Dr. Seuss books, doctor’s appointments, tears, kisses, love, laughter and new life that plants smiles and excitement that won’t go away, and I can’t be still, not now. 

But I hear it again, my need to be still, to still my soul even when I must keep going. Stillness can not always come with silence, not to a mother, not to many who face endless demands. Because I so often wait for the silence to be still and just know He is God over this day and moment and all it holds. But He bids not to wait, to find soul-stillness even in the middle of the sleepy, teary girly falling with the chicken on the carpet.

Because the sin that arises in my heart in that moment can only be used against me if I hold onto it, which I will always do, unless I find stillness in the chaos to know He is and give it to Him. 

And when she was tiny I lost it because I just didn’t think I could do stillness without silence and aloneness, and I waited and waited and I was drained for time with the Savior, and as much as I could try, I was drained for the energy to be a mommy who saw her little one with true joy that can only come from the Spirit. 

And I want so much to learn stillness in chaos. To enjoy my girly with the joy that only comes from stillness. And I’m enjoying her more every day. And I’m so grateful to hold a newborn of my own again soon. Because I want the chance again to go through that stage of life, holding a newborn of my own, with a soul that is still in the chaos of it all. I’m sure I’ll have many bad moments again, with soul and joy not still to know, but I want so badly this chance to look into the face of my own tiny baby again, from eyes that are first set on the Spirit that gives true joy in such a marvelous time of life.   


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My prayer is that you find God's grace pouring through your insecure moments. In this audio series, you'll receive a few quiet minutes of encouragement each month free in your email inbox. I hope it helps you find sweet gifts inside the feelings.