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Sometimes, I make little of my life and my testimony because I feel like I’m not all that important. And I’m viewing grace the wrong way. As much as I might say I believe in God’s grace I’m not living by faith in it. Because when I don’t share my story, out of my own feelings of inadequacy, I’m acting as if the work of grace in my life were my own, when it’s all His. Making much of His work of grace in me is making much of Him.  


So, then, if I am small enough to see my life as His, small enough to place the faith of my moments in His grace, my memories of how God has changed me, will not seem small to me because of how much more I think He’s done in someone else’s life or because of how unimportant I feel or because I don’t want to bother people with these details of my life. Rather, this remembering will cause me to be enraptured in praise to Him, because for no reason, but His Love, He has chosen to work in my life to change me in crazy and wonderful ways when if He hadn’t I would still be stuck in the rut that I was and blind to the grace He wanted to show me. And how can I not share something as beautiful as that?


I think God paints the most beautiful portraits of His glory on the canvas of people. Because as beautiful as a sunset or the wonders of the galaxy, these cannot match the beauty of God’s grace poured on a person’s life. This portrait is harder to see than the sunset. It requires looking through dirty windows because we’re all framed in flesh. But when we take the time to look past the dirt, God does miracles. Because we are Loved by a God who reaches through dirty windows to touch one life with the beauty of another.


I want to write and tell you my story because I’m a canvas for God’s beauty and I want to hear yours because you are too. Please do tell and we can all try our best for now to be content looking through dirty windows.

The stories of our lives are beautiful simply because they’re God’s stories written in us. We all tell them imperfectly because our versions of the story are written by us, people with flesh, but these are our testimonies. And God uses testimonies. He draws from your story, from my story and He makes more beauty in other stories. Let’s share the beauty and not let the fact that we share it imperfectly keep us from boasting in the beauty our God has made.   

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