The Soul’s Reflection

Welcome to this space you. I’m happy you showed up here. The words below are words I’ve been holding onto for over a month. I wrote them before Christmas and I’ve struggled to embrace them, but I hope they will be a blessing. This post is part of the audio series I aim to send out by email each month. If you would like to hear the audio version of this post or read a bit of what prompted me to write this, you can subscribe at the bottom of this post. I thank you for being here. So many of you have encouraged me to keep sharing and I’m so grateful. It’s a joy to share with you today…


While I have sat in the corner of life where you stare at your soul’s reflection, maybe you have sat there too.

The reflection my eyes can see isn’t pretty.

What I know with my eyes, and what I know in my heart don’t always match up.  

With my heart, I know I have come to the table where the bread of life is given. This is where the ugly mess inside us dies. When I sat at this table with Jesus, it was true of me too.  

But sometimes I look in the mirror, and that ugly mess still mars my reflection.

Here on this earth, isn’t it true? “Now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.” 1 Corinthians 13:12  

That ugly mess still comes out of me sometimes. That ugly mess still sits in the reflection of my soul. But still, it is true that that ugly mess is dead.

There is only One who knows us as we truly are. Only One who can see what we look like without that deadness on our soul.  

We see in a mirror dimly, maybe you feel this too…

Jesus is yours and you come here to the table having so much you want to share, but you see this, your soul’s reflection.

The moment brings its gift… Yes the mirror says there is an ugly soul inside you, but the One who loves you keeps offering the bread of life. Take this gift in faith and believe the One who knows you better than you know yourself.   

What you can see is a poor reflection. So, keep giving Jesus the deadness inside you and don’t believe what you see in the mirror.

Trust the only one who can see you as you truly are…

We gather around together here. Sometimes your drink might tumble. Sometimes I might spill the gravy. But as sure as the table gets messy, it is sure that we need each other.   

We come here together sharing in the same body. This is where we all became one.

When you look around the table, we don’t look like much. But we can’t trust our eyes.

May we come to the table looking around with faith instead of our eyes – faith to see ourselves as a needed and lovely part of what is happening here. Faith to look across the table and see each other as the same. So much darkness can exist in a world that is so broken, but just as Jesus is our Lord, love is who we are.

We all came to the table with faith that He could make us new. We will trust it for ourselves and we will trust it for each other.

The prayer for myself is what I pray for you.

Even as we see the poor reflection of our own souls, may we trust You more than the mirror. Give us grace to keep offering ourselves to each other when it just feels like a mess. Give us grace to welcome the person across the table as you welcome us. May we believe You when you tell us that every spiritual blessing is ours to claim, that we are all equipped and gifted to play our part in this sweet Gospel story we sing with You. When we sing the song with the voice you gave us, in the part you gave us to sing, and all we can hear is a mess, we will keep giving the deadness to you and we will keep singing because we trust you more than we trust ourselves. You are in us, shining through us and You make the Beautiful Song.

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