Story Pile

Welcome! This is a place to house a growing collection of our stories and this is for you. I believe we all have shy stuff inside us, but I know we all deal with it in different ways. Sometimes it doesn’t look shy on the outside at all. It just feels shy to who we are inside.

I want to share this collection to help you make peace with the shy stuff in your own life. My perspective is limited, so I want to collect stories here – stories of beautiful people who experience those moments in their own way and, from their own unique personality, reach into the story God is writing there. I’ll collect stories on this page, adding to it regularly in hopes that it will bring insight into the inadequate feelings we all experience. The people in these stories are not necessarily people who have shy personalities or who claim to be shy. These are people working through the moments that can feel shy, small, unimportant. These stories, just as my own, are imperfect words written by imperfect people, and I appreciate them being willing to offer their stories.

Let’s collect stories together. I hope this can become a library of stories where people can see someone struggling like they are… to know they’re not alone in their struggles and possibly make some connections. I’ll spend a bit of time every week mining the web for good stories to add here, and I would really love to hear your stories or suggestions of what can be added. I pray this is a place that helps you see into another’s story and find truth for your own. Enjoy and be blessed!

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This is life changing. To know that God has given us a new name, and I have no business calling God’s own child a failure, or anything less than what He says I am.

Aliza speaks her experience of fighting the feelings of shame in her head with the truth she knows about herself. Love her words.

I love this post from Lynne, stepping back to look at the miracle of prayer. Calling for the attention of the God of the universe can feel intimidating, yet we are given the freedom to be bold. Love these words. Enjoy!

As a mother, these words brought tears. Because when the woman who’s called one of the 50 most influential in the world decides to put a crib next to her bed and welcome a tiny, needy person in for good it speaks volumes about the value of the calling I take up every day. Her life shouts the glory of a calling that some call the smallest.

Because we can want so much to do it all ourselves and feel so inadequate. This is Kimberly’s honest story of discovering the power of asking for help.

I think we all know how it is to struggle to love somebody, to want to make that choice, even when the choice hurts. I’ve enjoyed Wendy’s post about the people who you feel a little shy and unknowing about how to love. This post is part three in a series of Wendy’s.

Heidi’s words have stuck in my brain. Her post opens with the tears of her son who just wants to spend some time with his mama. Heidi shares her own battle of working through the things she felt pressured by… “For many years, I was under the mistaken impression that to be busy… was to be spiritual and therefore highly esteemed. I mean, if you had a full schedule doing God’s work, this surely must increase your level of spirituality.”

I appreciate Kaylie sharing her honest struggle as she was processing the harsh words she was given. I read this post at a time when I truly needed it and it contains some of my favorite words I’ve heard this year… “Of course you aren’t getting it all right… There aren’t people nailing it and people totally failing at it… There is only a broken and failed world with cracks in our souls and grace pouring out from the nailed hands at the cross. Those cracks are where the Light gets through.”

Gary’s blog is about “the lost tools of family peace” and in this post he shares hope for when you have doubts about your abilities to grow stronger connections in your family relationships. I enjoy his unique perspective. “You’re not your own idea… Did you ever think that he limited your natural ability so he could make up the difference?”

Aliza shares her honest struggles of feeling like she doesn’t belong and how she is learning to work through that. “…you hold your hands out, and you understand instinctually that you were created uniquely with strengths and gifts, and you offer your very best.”

I adore Laura and her story. This post is full of her fresh openness in her struggles with the serious health difficulties she’s faced throughout her life, and true words of hope, and practical advice for moving forward and pressing on even when we’re faced with the daily struggle of our own limits.

If you’re needing to shed some pressures today, Niki’s story will be a blessing to you. She identifies with the life of a lobster in her own need to shed her skin and be exposed under the Rock.

Kate shares the useless feelings she worked through having to lie on her back sick for weeks and finding God’s power inside her in the midst of it.

Brandy shares her self-doubt, and feelings of failure as a parent and the faith walk of her and her child in the midst of it. Her words are such an encouragement to me in my parenting journey.

There is power when we confess our weaknesses and let them be weaknesses while we’re learning to give them to God. Whitney is honest and open to share the needs of her soul and her searching for answers – good medicine for souls that feel alone in their struggles. I love her example of admitting she doesn’t have the answers and letting her mess be a mess in the hands of God while He sorts it out.

I love watching Abby, as a mother, reach into her small whirlwind moments. “I see my limitations and weaknesses staring back at me in the form of two tiny faces.” Read her post and see Jesus showing up in her inadequate-feeling-mommy-moment.

Lynne is one of my favorite writers! I just love this post from her about the journey of finding who we are. Because “When who we are is secure, nothing else is perilous.” Enjoy!

Wendy shares about the moment she realized that underneath her busy life she wasn’t sure who she was and how she began to work through that.

  • The Reno – Jillian Vincent, Oatmeal Heart

A young mother sharing how God is using her house and life in renovation to renovate her heart that can feel like a mushy mess. “[Sin] scares you, immobile, frozen, so you never venture to discover what beauty may be hiding just beneath the surface.”

Liz is a friend I went to youth group with, one of the most outgoing people I’ve had the privilege to know. I love this post. She gives a beautiful analogy of wanting her life to be a “cute scrapbook” and feeling like her scrapbook is “tattered.” She offers the truest words of peace for those feelings.

Emily ponders the question, “What if really digging into all these insecurities and questions could result in something even greater than you could even imagine? Maybe it’s time to let go of good.” She tells the story of when she began to listen to what her small moments had to say.

This post really resonates with me. If you sometimes feel like you don’t know who to open up to, this is for you. Emily talks about searching for “a safe place to feel insecure,” and offers a great resource to help you be open with the people in your life.