This Day: Sharing the Unplanned

This day. Here in Sachse, it was wet and cold, the day spent indoors with the books and the blocks, coloring pages and mommy chases. And afternoon rest brought unexpected, the new friend of the day who talks of grandbabies, printers, coat zippers. And I share this day outside of the normal circle of family, simple talk as we work. And simple talk touches a soul. And two souls working together do each other good. Some kind of soul nourishment, a sort of fresh outlook on life because we saw it in some tiny fraction through the window they look through. And it looked different and interesting and we saw some of the beauty they see.

I shared this piece of my day with this lady, but all in all how very many people in this world I share the same sun with. And I go about another day, another week without sharing some simple talk, some unplanned part of my day with one of them. I don’t look to be blessed by the beauty they see, because I’m not looking for beauty anyway. After all, if one word can stand as the essence of beauty its Love. And if anyone in this world can see Love its a child of God. The cashier at the store, the writer of that article, the postman, if I see before them the Love I’ve been shown, Love covers all my criticisms and my shy fears, and simple soul talk will not be something I have to remind myself to do. It will be the natural and joyous search of my soul for the beauty that God has placed into each and every one of these people. Loving a world of people is an exciting opportunity to a soul who looks at that world through the lens of the Love and the grace they’ve received. 

Linking up to Kate at Five-Minute Friday and the many other people writing on the word share this week. :) 

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