Thoughts on Grace

I focus on my performance and how great the temptation can be to keep from serving much because I’m such a mess and what good can I do God? How easy it is eyes on me to come before Him in shame feeling like I’m worthless to Him to advance His kingdom, that my efforts wont amount to much, to fear that if I do serve Him I won’t do it out of pure Love. But eyes on His work and His gospel my life is shameless and He gives grace to come bold before Him. I am treasured. He has graciously purposed even me for this one magnificent purpose of giving Him glory. Eyes on Him I see He is perfectly able to use even me, though sin still is present. Because Romans 5:20 is still so true. “Where sin increased grace abounded all the more.” A truth I have often overlooked for fear of using it as an excuse, but it is an essential truth to hold onto in a life that abides in Him. It is so true that all out disgust at my sin and effort to put it away is necessary to strive after holiness, but it is only in the truth that “where sin abounds grace abounds” that God has provided the means and the motivation to deal with my sin and strive forward in my walk with God. (paraphrased, Jerry Bridges, The Discipline of Grace) It is this grace alone that pushes us on, His grace wherein I can be grateful that I can claim His victory even in my sin, and have a reason, a longing to return praise in my daily life with my worship and my actions. His great grace alone is able to move us to press on and serve depending on the One who enables the thought and supplies all energy for any good that comes from us. And in doing my good I have more reason to rejoice in grace because all of my good is marked by my sinful flesh and it is true that sin exists in even the good I do. Every deed I do good or bad needs the cleansing blood of the Savior. All the more reason to rejoice that grace abounds for my sin. Not an excuse to sin more but the one enduring motivation to put away my sin and love and serve the One who gave me grace for such a purpose.

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