To the God who Gives Story

Sometimes, regardless of how wonderful my life really is, I struggle so to find the motivation to try to dwell as anything other than overwhelmed, confused, lost as to how to do life. But even then, You give story. You create life in me that is used to point to true glory, and I am made a useful piece of Your big story. Because You form the world’s story with the pen of Your grace, a story that had no right to be. Your fingers trace each piece to create the people who never would’ve known life and the beauty You create, without the grace you give. Your grace gives us being and privilege to experience the power of a God who upholds the galaxies with the word of His power. And You give each one out of the billions their own unique story, their own unique way to experience You. Your grace gives orchestration to the stories within the stories within this story of the world. You have planned each note we play and oversee the beauty of it all to display Your glory perfectly and all in grace, grace that makes art, and allows me to be part of it all. Gracefully, lovingly, You’ve weaved us into Your plan to make us a part of Your glory. And here in a confused moment of my story, where You are making yourself the hope and stay to a soul that has none of its own inspiration to hope, I stand blessed, blessed to be here and live this word of the story that is at the mercy of the pen of Your grace. Because even if everything else confuses me, I can hold to the knowledge that this moment I’m living has a purpose in the story to point in some way to You.

I’m linking up to Kate and the Five-Minute Friday community. Please enjoy some sweet inspiration about the word give. :) 

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