What do we pray for?


This morning, 6 something, I prayed what is my usual prayer at that time of day. God please let her sleep just one more hour… Baby Liesel has not been sleeping well this past week, and my days have been hazy and lazy. This is what many of my prayers have been looking like of late… it’s actually what I’ve uttered many a night for the past two and a half years… since I became a mommy.

That was my first prayer this morning, not long after which I dressed the girls, packed them in the car and headed off to Bible study. It was a good morning and it ended with a question. What do my prayers look like? How often do I pray for comfort and convenience and how often do I battle in prayer for faith in the midst of discomfort?

It’s a question I didn’t want to answer myself because I knew my own answer wouldn’t please God. But I don’t have to hide in shame. Jesus took my prayer record on the cross, and gave me His record with His risen life. He provides all I need to have the confidence to pray… Himself.

This is His battle call to me to go to war with my prayer, this is what He wants me to do. And as it was said today, who wouldn’t want to serve a God like this? He prepares the things in advance that He wants me to do, He motivates me and guides me along as I do them, and He promises rewards to me if I do them. That’s the God we’re asked to serve.

For all of His children, may we answer the call He gives. May we claim the risen life He has given us with our prayers. May His grace move us so much that we cannot resist taking up the battle to claim the victorious prayer life He says is ours, no matter how much the enemy wants to tell us it doesn’t belong to us. May we step into the life He’s prepared for us and so passionately desire to live a faithful life that our prayers look more like a battle against discouragement than a begging for comfort. May we live and pray in victory. So let it be.

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