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Emily P. Freeman is one of my very favorite bloggers. I check her page almost daily to see if I’ve missed anything. And at the end of every month, I read the new post in her What I Learned series, tell myself that’s such a great idea and I’m going to join in with the link up this time.. and I don’t. Well, I’m finally, actually joining in today. A little late, but yes. So, today I’m telling you what I learned in October – from the little silly things to my favorite October lessons. And I’m including some fun fall pics of my girlies!


I say sorry a lot. Your own kids are just the very best at showing you your own way of living life. My Amayah is two and a half and seems to be picking up on mine a bit. And this month she started saying sorry for the most random things. She drops her toy and says it. She trips, falls down and says it. So, we’re working on that. Together.


Halloween is not as easy as it looks. I had the best plans to have my Amayah be Dorothy this year. I found the cutest blue dress. We had a basket for her. “Doggy” who she sleeps with was going to be Toto. Come Halloween weekend, I got the dress on her and she hated it. Passionately. She yanked on the tutu and bit into the frills and the dress came off. No Dorothy. Didn’t want to make a big battle over that. We’ll try again next year.

I learned what memoir means. Maybe everyone else knows this, but I didn’t. This is so very valuable to me because I learned that the “book” I’ve been trying to write is, in fact, a memoir. In the words of Marion Roach Smith:

The best memoir is about something, and that “something” is not “me.”

In the best memoir, the writer illustrates something but is not the subject of the tale. The subject is mercy or honor, growth, transcendence, patriotism, love, or some other universal theme, and our stories – and all of us have a million of them – illustrate those themes.

I like that. And it gives me so much clarity moving forward.

Write 31 days is not as achievable as I thought it was. At the beginning of the month, (when I had just started my own series to participate in Write 31 Days) I read another writer’s confession: last year she only got to 22 days… I was sure I could do better than that. Wrong. My 31 Days series was in reality 17 days.

Taking up the challenge to write daily teaches you bunches about yourself. I realized how much good it does me to write every day. I also learned how sporadic my “me time” has often been and that if I’m going to try to commit to “being a writer” I need a plan to keep from letting writing override my priorities. It made me finally find a routine that helps me order my priorities right and allows me time for my own things too. One that’s not too hard to stick with… Of course, that’s the hardest part.


I learned a bit about battles. You can’t expect to get far in a battle if you don’t acknowledge the enemy or the way the enemy is attacking you. So just that. In a roundabout explanation of what I mean, God’s been trying to teach me this month to run to Him in repentance when I am not living from the boldness of Him in me. That I need desperately to hear moment by moment that my identity is in Him and I must find my confidence there. My identity is where the enemy seems to throw his darts the hardest and I must acknowledge that if I want to join in the battle to claim the victory Jesus has won over him.

So there’s what I learned. And the pictures were part of a sporadic photo shoot Luiz decided to do one evening last week and I just love them! Hope you enjoyed.


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  1. I never knew the definition of “memoir” either! That is a good thing to know. Good luck on your endeavor of writing one of your own! :)

    Stopping by from the link-up….

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