Story Share: When Love is a Journey


At the beginning of holy week, when we think on the One who chose to love us through the pain and hard moments, may we find little tastes of His struggle in our own small moments where we find love to be a journey. Because I think we all know how it is to struggle to love somebody, to want to make that choice, even when the choice hurts. And Jesus made that choice most fierce of all for us, enduring all the pain and unappreciated efforts to the farthest extreme in order to love us.

I’m enjoying Wendy’s post this morning about the people who you feel a little shy and unknowing about how to love. I’m feeling her feelings and seeing how my Jesus felt much the same on this holy week. Read Wendy’s post here.

Jesus, may we step into holy week reminded to slow and see you in every shy moment we face, because in Your pouring out of love, you have faced all the moments before us. May we let the journey of today press us deeper into the heart of Your cross. When we feel the long journey of love in our life, may we slow to see you pointing to the love you poured out there. To see the journey you took to get there and the blank responses you got along the way. To see the love You choose to step into every day of your life even though it didn’t feel good. To see You loving us through the awkward life you lived to be human like us and love us even in your human-ness. Be our grace to hold today in every moment of the journey.


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