Story Share: When It’s Time to Shed Life’s Pressures


Maybe you feel wound up with the pressures of life today and need a safe place to shed all the things. If that’s you, I want to point you over to Niki Hardy’s post today where she shares some of her beautiful story and identifies with a lobster shedding its shell. Find her lobster post here. She’s fun to read and shares her cancer story and grace testimony at

Her explanation of the lobster’s life and invitation to “set your inner-lobster free” has been a sweet call for me to settle down into my Rock and Fortress and release my stress and insufficiency there in front of the ONe who has already taken them on Himself. Some of my favorite words from her post…

I wish I were more lobster-like today as I deal with the pressures, stress and discomforts of life.

The lobster-like me would instinctively understand that as soon as I feel squeezed, pressured, overwhelmed, and about to burst, that’s my signal to hunker down under The Rock. Under the safety of the true rock I am protected and safe to discard the emotions, beliefs and lies that are holding me back. Protected from the enemy I am safe to be naked for a while and free to grow.

Jesus, make us willing to come to you when the pressures of life make us feel hopeless and lost. When we feel insufficient and small or overwhelmed and frustrated draw us to “hunker down under The Rock.” Make the safe fortress we find in You our first place to seek comfort in the stresses we face this week. Make us bold to shed our tough skin in front of the One who made us and knows us. In the name of Jesus, may we be quick to go there.

My prayer is that you find God's grace pouring through your insecure moments. In this audio series, you'll receive a few quiet minutes of encouragement each month free in your email inbox. I hope it helps you find sweet gifts inside the feelings.

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